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Achieving Effective Church Communication

You want to communicate the word of God more effectively. We know because every church that we speak to hungers to find an effective, no apologies, approach to their church communication that invites people into their doors and allows them to leave with the Word of God on their hearts and minds. This level of communication is more than just the spoken word. It is created in the atmosphere of your service, the actions of your people and the understanding that people see, feel and hear communication.

After spending countless hours serving churches in the area of church communication we know there are no simple answers. Effective communication comes through planning and a unified approach to your overall messaging. Here are four key areas that churches must utilize to communicate their mission effectively to their congregation.

The 4 Key Areas of Church Communication

Communication during the service

Consistent use of visuals during your weekly service will increase memory retention and engage visual thinkers to learn more effectively. Learn more about using visuals effectively during your service >>

Communication about your mission

Effective communication resources within your church will increase the clarity of the church’s mission and the unique calling God has given your church body.

Communication about your ministries

Your church is more than a building. It is a living breathing organism formed from the people who engage with each other and your church activities. Clearly defined ministries with solid communication tools increase participation in these valuable areas of your church and therefore increase the health and life of your church. Learn more about effective ministry resources >>

Communication into the community

Reaching out beyond your walls and awaking your community to the love that is found in Christ. Outreach is not only a key responsibility to every church; it is the great commission upon which every church should be focused. With a world inundated in messaging professionally produced resources will allow your voice to be heard within your community and improve the success of every outreach campaign. Learn more about effective outreach >>

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